WISE Robo Advisor - MorgenFund: Hybrid Robo-Advisor with Expertise

WISE Robo Advisor
Personalized digital asset management for diverse investment portfolios.
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Germany, Luxembourg
Project Duration
24 months
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MorgenFund Online Investing is a digital asset management service that offers personalized investment portfolios, utilizing algorithms and human expertise to provide convenient, secure, and diversified investment options for individuals with varying risk profiles and financial goals.

This project, MorgenFund Online Investing, offers a digital asset management service, providing individuals with the opportunity to invest their money efficiently and conveniently. By utilizing algorithms, investors are allocated to one of 19 model portfolios tailored to their investment horizon, risk tolerance, financial circumstances, and other personal details. These portfolios vary in asset class composition, including shares, money market, bonds, and alternative investments, reflecting different risk levels and potential returns.

Investors can start with as little as €50 a month or a one-time investment of €400, with asset management fees of just 0.75% per year and no minimum term. The investment process is fully digital, enabling users to invest in just 15 minutes using a photo of their ID and signature. Despite its digital nature, MorgenFund emphasizes personalized contact and support, ensuring investors feel secure and informed throughout the process.

The service offers the advantages of both automated online tools and human expertise, as portfolio management is carried out in cooperation with DWS, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank. Investments are diversified across a mix of active and passive investment funds, including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), selected by DWS's fund research team based on market conditions and investor preferences. With a focus on simplicity, accessibility, and performance, MorgenFund Online Investing aims to empower individuals to achieve their financial goals efficiently and effectively.

Hear it straight from Deutsche Bank / DWS Investing

"As Managing Director at DWS/MorgenFund, I am thoroughly impressed with Sunstatesoft's exceptional leadership and development prowess on our digital asset management project. Their team's dedication and expertise have been instrumental in bringing our vision to life, delivering a robust and user-friendly platform that exceeds our expectations. Sunstatesoft's innovative solutions and seamless collaboration have been pivotal in ensuring the success of our initiative. I wholeheartedly recommend Sunstatesoft to any organization seeking top-notch software development services."

Managing Director at DWS Investing